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Top 10 Living Room Ceiling Lights - Avenila.com

Below, we rank our top 10 living room ceiling lights. We include large & small lights in this rank as well as modern, rustic, nordic, contemporary and other styles of ceiling lights. At least one of these lights is guaranteed to fit your home, apartment and budget. Don't see any you like? Feel free to leave us a suggestion below in the comment section.

1. Euro Circular 19 1/2" to 32 1/2" Wide Ceiling LED Light w/ Optional 4-7 Arms

Price: $199+

Description: The Euro Circular LED Ceiling Lights are perfect for any living, dining or master bedroom are. With an option to choose 4, 5, 6 or 7 arms for either a minimalistic or full room feel.

Euro LED Circular Ceiling Lights

2. Modern LED Corridor Hallway Ceiling Lights

Price: $79+

Description: These lights are a perfect touch to any modern hallway or corridor whether its a personal apartment or house or an industrial or office building. There's an option to choose warm white, neutral light or white light depending on the mood you're looking for. 

LED Corridor Ceiling Light

3. 15 3/4" to 19 3/4" Wide Multi-Circular Dimmable LED Ceiling Light

Price: $180

Description: This ceiling light comes in two different options of color. It's not too big so it's perfect in smaller spaces like smaller living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, office spaces or used in tandem with other lighting. 

Circular Circles LED Ceiling Light

4. Criss Cross Designer LED Ceiling Lights with Remote Control

Price: $510

Description: This criss cross living room chandelier fits perfectly in almost any living room. This comes with an optional dimmable feature to set the mood depending on the time of day. Further, this light has 3 different light types, fitting your mood at any time of day. 

Criss Cross Ceiling Lights

5. Touch Remote Dimming Modern LED Ceiling Lamp

Price: Starting at $139

Description: This acrylic lampshade ensures the light radiates evenly and even includes a touch remote to dim or change the light color of the ceiling fixture. Available in white or black.

Square Living Room Ceiling Light

6. Modern LED Chandelier Living Room Light

Price: $420-700

Description: This designer moving living room chandelier is guaranteed to impress friends and family alike. Can be purchased with 10 or 20 heads, depending on the size of the space you have. The lights are completely adjustable and can be moved in any desired position to create different effects. 

Modern LED Adjustable Living Room Chandelier

7. Luxury Floating Cloud Hanging Designer Light

Price: Starting at $364

Description: This cloud-inspired luxury designer chandelier makes a huge statement to any viewers eye. Metal wires are intricately placed with lights selectively placed in ares to create a great ambiance. 

Luxury Floating Cloud Designer Light

8. Modern Multi-Square 33 1/2" to 55" Wide Aluminum Ceiling Lights

Price: Starting at $264





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  • Best 8 Living Room Ceiling Lights: Avenila.com
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