Q: Where is my Order?
A: Most orders take 15-25 business days (3-5 weeks) to arrive at a customers door after 1-3 business days of processing time (unless otherwise stated on a product detail page). However, please allow 15-45 business days (3-9 weeks) for your order to arrive in case of customs or holiday delays.* This delivery time is not guaranteed due to COVID-19 but we do try to get you your item as soon as possible. Some items we carry are custom made and need longer lead times. In some cases, an item will arrived at the local post office for you to pick up. Please make sure you talk with a customer service representative before opening any disputes. We will take 1-3 business days to respond to you and will make sure you are 100% satisfied. As of July 1st, 2020 we will be automatically emailing tracking updates for all new orders once your item has been shipped out.
*Please note, some tracking numbers are not up to date due to less flights from the pandemic. Please be patient to receive your order.
Q: I Received a Damaged or Faulty Item, What do I do?
A: Please email us immediately at info@avenila.com if there is any damage or if your item is faulty. We will ship a replacement with expedited shipping. Some couriers are rough with fragile shipments and it is usually out of our control. However, we will make sure you end up receiving a working item.
Q: Where is my tracking number?
A: If you've ordered before July 1st, 2020, please reach out to us at info@avenila.com to request your tracking number. If you've ordered after July 1st, you should be getting an email automatically within 7-10 business days notifying you of your tracking number & courier.
Q: I am an Interior Designer or Buying Items for a Client, Can I Receive a Discount?
A: Yes! We have many trade partners we work with worldwide. If you order $3,000USD or more on our website, a 15% off code will automatically be applied to your order at checkout. No discount code required.
Q: Do You have Products With Fast Shipping That Are Located in the USA?
A: We are currently building out our USA portfolio to better serve our customers here at home. We have a strict vetting process, but hope to have several items from USA manufacturers soon.
Q: Can I Request Faster Shipping Times?
A: Yes, if you email us or DM us on Instagram (@avenilashop), we can sometimes give you faster shipping times at extra cost. The only reason shipping times take so long is we ship direct from manufacturers using budget shipping, which allows us to provide free shipping worldwide and low priced products. :) Most of the time, we will pay extra for faster shipping for you, without charging you any extra, so please be patient with us.
Q: Do You Ship Worldwide?
A: Yes, we ship FREE to most countries worldwide. Please note items usually take around 3-5 weeks to arrive, but please allow up to 15-45 business days (3-9 weeks) for an item to arrive. This delivery time is not guaranteed, but we do try to get you your item as soon as possible. If you are sensitive to long shipping times, please reach out to us for faster shipping options or shop with other retailers. 
Q: Can I Request a Refund?
A: Of course, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products! However, if you've used or damaged the product we sent you we will unfortunately not let you return it to us. Please request a refund by emailing us at info@avenila.com. Once approved, please send your item back to us here in Los Angeles at: 3780 Wilshire Blvd St #678, Los Angeles 90010.
Q: I received a 110v or 220v Lighting Fixture and It Doesn't Fit my Country's Power. Can I Return It?
A: Most if not all of our lighting fixtures are compatible in most countries and will work with your power outlet. We will not accept refunds if you ordered a light fixture with the wrong voltage or are not willing to buy an adapter/transformer to fit to your countries specifications.
Q: I received my package but there are no instructions on how to install my item. Can you give me instructions?
A: Yes, we would be glad to send you over instructions on any order you purchased from us. Please just send us over your order #, and we will look into it. For lighting fixtures, we highly suggest using a certified electrician to install your fixtures for safety reasons. 
Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We ship direct from manufacturers, cutting out all middle men in the process and saving our customers tons of money. We mainly ship from manufacturers in Asia and the USA. If you have a specific item you are interested in and want to know where it ships from, please reach out to us.
Q: Where Are you Located? Do I have to Pay Sales Tax on My Order?
A: We are located in Los Angeles, CA but ship from across the world. You will not have to pay sales tax on your order unless you live in California, USA.
Q: Do I have to pay customs or import Tax on my items?
A: Although we do not guarantee you will not have to pay customs duties on your package, 90% of our packages are delivered without our customers paying import tax. Please check with your local jurisdiction to check on tax implications for your country. If you are concerned about this, please email us at sales@avenila.com and we can help.
Q: How can I trust you with so many fake retailers out there?
A: Ask many of our customers worldwide! We have had thousands of happy customers. We use Shopify's platform & payment gateway, so your credit/debit card info is securely stored on their servers (not ours) with 256-bit SSL technology. We don't store any sensitive customer data besides your address you used to place the order with, order time & date, and/or cell/email number if they have provided it to us. We do not resell any of this information to anyone else. Also, feel free to follow us on Instagram at @avenilashop to checkout our newest products. You could also download our Avenila App on the Apple app store or Google Play Store. You can also check Trustpilot and Facebook Reviews on our Facebook Page.
Q: Do you have any discount codes for orders under $3,000USD?
A: Unfortunately, because we ship direct from manufacturers, our business doesn't have a lot of margin to offer any discounts. Our prices on our site are already 70% off most retail stores. However, we do offer a one-time 10% discount code for all first time customers.

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