How to Hang a Chandelier

How to Hang a Chandelier

How to Hang a Chandelier

There are a few different ways to hang a chandelier and if you're doing a DIY project, it's important you follow the below steps before you begin. 


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1. Turn Off the Power

Man switching off power at main circuit breaker.

Working with electricity means taking extra precautions. Turn off the power to the room you will be working in by flipping your home's main circuit breaker into the "off" position.


Tip: Turn the light switch off and on in the room to make sure the electricity is off.

2. Prepare Ceiling Box

Someone working with ceiling electrical box.

Make sure the electrical box is securely attached to the ceiling by tightening any screws. Check the black and white supply wires for any damage. If they are frayed, use a wire stripper to cut the wires and strip away insulation for new connecting wires.

3. Assemble Chandelier

Someone assembling a chandelier.

Most chandeliers come in parts that must be assembled. Following the manufacturer’s direction, assemble the parts of your new chandelier. Make sure to wipe down any fingerprints as you go if necessary.

4. Measure Chain

Someone measuring from the ceiling with a tape measure.

Two factors determine a chain’s length: the height of the room and the distance from the dining table to the chandelier’s bottom. A chandelier’s chain should be 3 inches long for every foot of ceiling height. For example, for an 8 foot ceiling, the fixture should hang 30 inches to 36 inches above the table, depending on the size of the chandelier.


Tip: Make sure your chain measurement includes the 4 inches of the chandelier’s hanging loop plus one chain link.

5. Attach Chandelier

Man holding a chandelier as he hangs it.

There are two common ways to attach the chandelier to the electrical box. Consult the manufacturer’s instruction sheet for specific details.

  • Install the chandelier mount bracket to the electrical box. Take the hook at the end of the chandelier and insert it into the bracket. 
  • Thread the fixture's mounting stem into the mounting strap on the ceiling box, cover it with the canopy and tighten the screw. 

6. Connect Wires

Man wiring a chandelier.

Most fixtures, especially newer models, have a black wire and a white wire. Combine the stripped end of the black ceiling or supply wire with the stripped end of the black wire of the chandelier. Twist the ends together with a wire nut. Do the same with the white light fixture and supply wires. Place all wires snugly in electric box. Cover with the chandelier's canopy or decorative plate.

7. Complete the Look

Man adding lightbulb to a chandelier.

The bulbs you choose will determine the final ambience of your chandelier. Incandescent bulbs give a warm glow, LEDs give direct light and halogen bulbs have a bright light similar to natural light.


Tip: Check your fixture for the correct bulb wattage.


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